Lonely Bullshit.


I am not lonely. I am deepest lone and pretty depressed. laugh hardly? its just me pretend normal, another kind of fvckin pretending.

is lonely is in the same kind of depressed? how can we deal with it? some kind of people let answer this question by: ‘chillin out with friends’. when you’re depressed, you’re not in the right frame of mind, it’s like you’re in a very deep hole you cant get out. thoughts are messed up, you cant think or even happy even you’re chillin with your friends. keep counting days over and hope it getting brighter days ahead. but no. sometimes we just keep dealing with it. keep deal that we’re okay with all of this messed up things you want arrange but you cant. wanna help people wanna help others, you could do it as a long runaway from reality that you’re evoking you’re deepest hole structure by the darker colour of remedy. something you cant deny is the lonely feelings ahead. you coul be happy by eating this or by buying that but it’s nothing when noone ntice you like it’s gonna be crumbs, collapse, and still hurt to get fixed. all above grounds are walk beneath. hard breathing comes trigger.

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