What’s SO Wrong With Criticize?

Success Indicator Poster

Successfull and unsucessfull people-poster? every indicator was okay, but watchot the little one up there! . See the ‘criticize’ word above a stressfull guy sillhouttes on the right side. Put a criticize as a main reason why people not success? serously? I hope the maker is totally typo or somethn’.

Dont you know that critics is a long way healthier for you than the compliment which brings you a totally fake-fucked-up-happiness. Yea, something we should got rethink is that critics is not the same with blame. It’s different as hell and heaven. Cant you see it?.

This day, I just seen a poster about a chategorization between sucsessfull and unsuccessfull people. One of each type mention a ‘criticize’ is a one characterize of unsuccessfull people. Is it true? If it’s true, I dont care bout it. I write this, cause some poeple are just being rough that they cant divide a difference between critics and blaming.

Critics is a way that people gonna do to express anything in a honest-bravely things. Sometimes it builds more unrevealed things, better than just compliment people with this good and that good. All of us need critics. All of us need a judgement and reason why that judgement is sended to us. A right judgement and critics is not about good or bad, black and white, beauty and uglyness. That’s a big NO. Judge is about recovering a message beyond something or some act that people may do. As the same with critics it’s about showing people not to look about the bad or the good, but see deeper. Deeper in your own perspective why this happened and why some of things like that has been made.

Critics is a best things to say anything about a work without blaming. A good critiqs is belonging this step of criticize into 3 step such as: firstly, describe: it’s about write down what you see likely a report contain of forms, techniques, color, medium etc. The second is analyze: analyze is connected with those things you describe. It’s all about how does it looks like but not about bad or good. You have to tell about the effect that they brings to you. Hows the principal of that things or that act such as: is it tidyly continous, or is it balancial things of peacefullnes, heve a highly spiritual emotion, or it could bring you a sense of humor, a darkly horror, a silent anger?. What are you feeling about this work is actually a part of analyze. After it the last one is evaluate. It’s about connect it why they do it with a literary you may have, it could be social, economical, politics, art, you could put a philosophical perspective combine with yours.

Some people still stuck about this and dont want to get critics. They’re just accepted a compliment and like to complimented. They’re just like to lick each other than get a truth conversation. People who accepted a criticize is in order to go wilder than they’re set now. The fuck with compliment? Both of compliment people actually didnt have any idea about what they doing, I could say that they just dont want to get criticize cause they’re already put theirself in a peacefullness. So they choose the easy one: compliment. Make others stay in a  fake happiness.

Jogja as an Artist’s Love at the First Sight

Just met Anandita, she’s an auctioner from Melbourne, Australia. She was inserting a written dream into a piggy chicken, chop chop chop!.

 Exhibition Review: First Sight in Jogja

Cemeti Art Space

June 4th 2016 at 20.00 or 8pm there was an opening of exhibition tittled ‘First Sight in Jogja’, held in Cemeti Art Space. This exhibition participated by Local artists and international, they are Angki Purbandono, Christine Nguyen, Heri Dono, indieguerillas, Lee Wan, dan Marco Rios. Held collectively as a result of meditate to rethink about Jogja at their first sight, contain of 8 tittled artworks that will blow your minds out bayb!.

a pair of ‘wellcome robot’ by Heri Dono starting a warm hello to all visitors.

This exhibition is about those collective artists’s first sight about Jogja. They splitted their focus on nature just like Christine Nguyen’s artwork which  symbolizes the weather , mountains, and ocean creature in Indonesia in a collages of batik dyeing arranged. She also did a watercolors on oil paper to create an impression of layering.

When visiting the exhibition, the first look on the front is the work of Heri Dono. It’s about a pair of robots in dark gray, made of fiber had six-legged of dragon leg’s anatomy. It looks like a contemporary horse pegassus with human head with horns which trunked. This sculpture signifies another representation ofIndonesian culture whose like to celebrate every single little things to thank God. Indonesian likes to hold a reception and opening  ceremony celebrated with great fanfare and a wider smile than usual.

Lee Wan the Korean artists show his work abut instalation of three tables and batik fabrics is hanging on the wall near it. Show about a mix ideaas between nature and culture

Instalation about tables which made from the real wood in Indonesia displayed by other artists from Korea named Lee Wan. Each desk above there are a pile of paper containing his views of the about Indonesian nature focusing on trees and mountains, and culture? He falls in love with Indonesian batik. Beside that, indieguerillas presents works of sculpture of chicken piggy pink, blue, and yellow were placed flat on a rocking chair without a backrest. Exhibition ‘s visitor can participate also by enter the hope that written on paper together with coins. This work means that every hope and dream that we collect is just a dream that we collect, if you’re not doing anything to make it cometrue. All you have to do is collect your dreams, make an effort and get your projects done.


In the exhibition, there will always a work of propaganda. Installation of Angki’s artwork about the scanning of 5000 rupiah currency, take away so’un rice, and crushed cigarette’s pack. Angki’s work entitled propaganda of this. Brings us the gimmick 5000. If they were made to buy cigarettes or buy rice packets, it’s about the identity and the food-needing. Smoking is always about an identity behind the propaganda to public. From what it seen, if 5000 could be using to buy so’un rice which healthy for your food-needing but sometime people denial to feel hungry, so they buy smoke to get their brain think. Then, which one is your propaganda behind your 5000? A cigarettes? Or food? The’’re good and bad af in one simple 5000 rupiahs.

Christine Nguyen’s work – spirit and lights

The collaboration’s result of musicians and graphic designer in the group called Marco Rios present a piece of music inserted in iPad and  hang it on the wall along with three pieces of shirts.  Heri Dono and Christine Nguyen also collaborated using watercolors and splash technique responded those images of water creatures in the style of naives art.

Marco Rios’s artwork

Cemeti Art Space membuka pameran berjudul First Sight in Jogja (Pandangan Pertama di Jogja, #cieee). Karena waktu itu aku gak bawa kamera ni sob jadi ya siang tadi aku balik lagi ke sana untuk ambil foto-foto semua karya.

Pameran ini diikuti oleh Angki Purbandono, Christine Nguyen, Heri Dono, indiguerillas, Lee Wan, Marco Rios. Pameran ini terselenggara secara kolektif dari hasil residensi sekelompok seniman dari dalam dan luar negeri menanggapi bagaimana mereka melihat Jogja pada pandangan pertama. Setelah menyelenggarakan reduksi konsep dan perenungan, kemudian terselenggaralah pameran ini dengan 8 judul karya.

Saat mendatangi pameran, yang pertama terlihat adalah karya dari Heri Dono berupa sepasang robot berwarna abu-abu tua yang terbuat dari fiber, berbentuk seperti kuda pegassus berkaki enam berkepala manusia dan bertanduk juga berbelalai. Di bawahnya terdapat kendang yang berbunyi setiap sepuluh detik bergantian pada setiap patung kanan dan kiri. Patung ini menandakan representasi lain dari kebudayaan orang Indonesia yang selalu gemar merayakan sesuatu. Penyambutan dan upacara pembukaan selalu dirayakan dengan meriah dan senyum yang lebih lebar dari biasanya. Ya, orang Indonesia adalah orang yang menyambut gembira sebuah awal perjumpaan, lihat saja berapa banyak kegiatan orang Indonesia yang mengharuskan berkumpul seluruh keluarga dalam satu desa atau kota kecil. Heri Dono menyampaikan pendapatnya dengan patung ini.

Seniman lain dari Korea bernama Lee Wan menampilkan tatanan meja yang terbuat dari kayu asli Indonesia. Di atas setiap mejanya terdapat tumpukan kertas yang berisikan pandangannya terhadap Indonesia seputar alam dan batik Indonesia. Di dinding tempat meja dibariskan ada kain yang dibentangkan di dinding sekitarnya. Kain tersebut memuat tulisan korea seputar alam Indonesia dan keinginan Lee Wan untuk membuat meja dari kayu Indonesia yang menurutnya akan menjadi hal yang menakjubkan kan kan kan. Wew.

Indieguerillas menghadirkan karya berupa patung celengan ayam berwarna merah muda, biru, dan kuning yang diletakkan menempel di atas kursi goyang tanpa sandaran. Celengan ayam tersebut dapat dimasuki kertas harapan yang  dimasukkan bersamaan dengan koin dan voila! Ayam itu akan bergerak back and forth, back and forth. Kenapa ayam? Karena ayam adalah salah satu makhluk hidup yang semua elemen di tubuhnya itu memiliki kegunaan. Hal ini dihadirkan dapat bergoyang untuk mensimbolkan bahwa setiap doa yang kita kirim akan diterima, namun pencapaiannya terserah pada dirimu sendiri. Namun ayam-ayam penghitung mimpi tidak akan bisa mengabulkan mimpi-mimpi yang kamu tulis, it’s all depends on your act, that chicken is only collect your dream not making it cometrue.

Dalam pameran akan selalu ada karya tentang propaganda. Instalasi dari hasil scanning uang 5000an rupiah, disejajarkan dengan bungkus nasi so’un ala angkringan, dan bungkus rokok yang remuk (cie bahasanya remuk boss!). karya berjudul propaganda dari Angki ini membawa kita, kalo secara gamag nya sih daripada 5000 dibuat beli rokok mending lo beli nasi bungkus dah tu, tapiii namanya juga propaganda, rokok adalah identitas dibalik propaganda diri lo ke publik. Jadi dari apa yang terlihat kalo 5000 bisa dipake buat beli nasi so;un angkringan meski sehat tapi pandangannya gak akan ada harganya, malahan di cap ‘low-economy-class’ tapi kalo beli rokok, hal itu menandakan meski miskin, anda adalah orang yang berfikir meresapi hidup. Even if u’re low class hide on the 5000rupiahs, you still want the vibes about smoke. Cigarettes life.

Heri Dono dan Christine Nguyen berkolaborasi pake cat air dan teknik splash menghasilkan gambar-gambar absurd yang naif berbicara tentang pengalaman mereka menanggapi makhluk-makhluk dalam air. Nahhh airnya, air apa nih? Sepertinya airnya ini gabungan dari air laut dan air dalam imajinasi mereka. Air imajinasi. (ah elah)

Karya musik?

Ada dong! Hasil kolaborasi dari musisi yang terkumpul jadi satu grup kolektif bernama marco rios menghadirkan karya musik via mp3 yang dimasukkan ke iPad dan dipajang di dinding bersamaan dengan tiga pieces kaos yang juga hasil kolaborasi desainer grafis. Musiknya tipikal musik low-beat, dengan lirik sederhana dan lagi-lagi propaganda tentang mimpi, proyek yang harus selesai, dan waktu yang kian menyempit memaksa keras otak untuk berfikir ditengah kesempitan. Gimana bahasa gue? Keren kan?.

Jadi gitu, teman-teman pemerhati seniku, pameran ini bagi saya semacam kaya hasil laporan penelitian berupa karya. Mereka melihat Jogja dari sudut pandang tiap seniman. Ada yang fokus di alam dan gunung seperti Christine Nguyen yang dua karyanya melambangkan cuaca di Indonesia dihadirkan dalam kain batik celup yang disusun kolase, sama cat air yang dikerjakan diatas kertas minyak memunculkan kesan layering.

Di Jogja, semua bisa diciptakan, entah itu pasar buat lo sendiri acara atau buku. Lo bisa berkarya semau lo, dan berpameran semau lo. Di Jogja, seniman udah setara seperti pejabat. (dsrw)

When you bored as fuck seeing artworks

one of an artwork piece in Jogja National Museum, ArtJog 2016 Event, sorry I missed a photograph about the tittle and artist’s statement (So Bad Art Writer)

Exhibition Review: ArtJog 2016? Universal (satire) Influence. Well this is a little bit review basically on my opinion about contemporary artworks in ArtJog 2016. Na, I’m not gonna tell you a bad artwork or nice artwork should be, but what I  feel when I see those kind of artwoorrksssz at a lots exhibition in the town of art factory: Yogyakarta. like Japanesse Art collector said when I interviewed her.

ArtJog was giving people so many mindblows blows blows new media art. It could be deep sad things ahead, humorous jokes, extra satire message, sublime till you gonna get worse all the time you get think harder to understand.

Eko Nugroho’s Artwork, missed the tittle space but I thought that it was a satire things about homeless people that decorate their house from a piece of newspaper or a pice of magazine, but in a  nowadays a lot of teenager take a photo with a background like that one. It makes me see with my own perspective that poverty today is just a joke, a property that cant be heal and it always been there, we cant do anything about it, except a joke. Sooo…she is my friend in front of those things behind.
a very fucking smoooth collages here is about making a joke between two total different ally, dua kubu yang benar-benar bedaaa buanget digabungin jadi satu kolase foto. Very smooth editing when you doesnt know the real, you aint notice it. it’s a part of contemporary things: collages + parodics. THEY ONLY COULD BE ONE IN THIS PICTURE! ONLY! NO DOUBT! AT ALL. It’s always refresh your brain. artist’s name? yea, absolutely Agan Harahap Yo Brow ! he’s very famous in internet, faking rihanna get caught by Indonesian cops, Jay Z with Indonesian Food, and many more.

It’s kinda like a happy-go-lucky to know that nowadays artworks like to get ‘grouped’ in Yogyakarta. It’s better cause they finally know that every community has their own fanbase. I sad actually to know at first time when old school art like natural paintings vibe could not combine with fucking-crazy-whatever-media art, it’s kinda like: why they’re not walk on its own way. But actually, at art itself they didnt had a problem, its just all of theories talk about it. About their difference and all of their false and right.

Beruntunglah karena sekarang semua karya seni cenderung berkelompok mengukuhkan dirinya, kalo dia masuk ke seni lukis, seni kontemporer secara terpisah, kadang gue sedih kenapa mereka dilihat seakan bermusuhan, padahal aslinya kan nggak. dimata gue semua seni itu bebas dan sah aja untuk direalisasikan dalam berbagai hal dan gaya, asal ada pertanggungjawaban seniman di dalaamnya. Kalo senimannya susah ngomong ya ngobril lah mereka sama jubir. Tapi, bagi gue pribadi entah ada yang setuju atau gak. Gue selalu suka sama karya seni yang BOOM apaan nih? emang ini karya seni? kenapa ini karya seni? apa maksudnya ini nih?. Hal-hal kaya gitu yang seperti menantang gue untuk penasaran. WOPOOO IKI LEK??. Seni media baru selalu membawa dan membakar ledakan emosi, terkadang menyindir jiwa-jiwa kesepian, jiwa keserakahan yang mengatasnamakan kekuasaan dalam lingkup politik (polisi dikitik-kitik) dan banyak deh.

This one is really a satire about auction house, how they sell artist’s artwork, how those buyers can get it back and get more money back, and bla bla bla all about marketing contemporary art is here. in this participatory artwork, they’re invite you to join the show by buy a 10×10 cm costs 100 thousand rupiahs but you ony could maximally a 16 pieces of 10×10. This artwork tittled: “Speculative Entertainment No.1” Media: Acrylic on 260×750 canvas, for those buyers you could get a certificate of performative activity.

The New media art is always like pretend to look stupid as fuck, but when you see it deeper it’ll gonna bring you dooooowwwn through the fucking crazy artist’s perspective. It could be minimal when it turns into artwork but sad and deeper thoughts about it, or it could be exxxxxtraaaa complicated to represent something we already know as usual. It’s always a chance to find ‘the new things’ ahead from that new media artwork, or the old called calling it: ‘contemporary art’.

Karya seni media baru selalu tampil ‘bego’ tapi di dalamnya mengandung berbagai kegilaan seniman memandang berbagai hal yang mengusik dirinya. Tapi gak sedikit yang memandang sesuatu yang sederhana dengan visual super rumit yang kita bahkan gak ngerti atau kadang gak nyambung sama apa yang berusaha dikatakan senimannya. Tapi akan selalu ada sisi-sisi lain yang akan terungkap dengan sendirinya atau dengan mengerutkan alis dulu sih. Tapi akan selalu ada peluang untuk menemukan ‘the new things’ ahead dari seni media baru, atau yang lawas disebut seni rupa kontemporer.

Aliens? you cold hear them walk and say to you! ahahaa. so here is the iconic installation in ArtJog 2016, this is an artwork which try to represent you an astronomical radio, while you could hear a UFO sounds, Aliens talk, and things about satelite out of the earth. when you arrive in this place, just try to listen in that headphone and figure it out they’re lying or not.



omong punya omong tentang seni rupa kontemporer, hal ini selalu dikaitkan dengan ilmu dan filsafat kontemporer. Sebenernya simpelnya secara empiris dari apa yang dilihat mata dan ringkasan gue tentang definisi seni kontemporer itu adalah seni kontemporer ngebebasin senimannya sebebas-bebasnya berkarya dengan media apapun menanggapi apapun tapi lo gak boleh bego, dangkal, dan melihat semuanya di permukaan aja. Lo harus jeli waktu ditanyain apa maksud karya lo. karena kontemporer itu percampuran banyak hal, ada yang bilang masa lalu yang dianggap masih bagus (dalam artian nilai dan makna) bergabung dengan masa kini yang kekinian, modern, arus mainstream, trend (yayalah), atau masa depan yang dikritisi dengan rangkaian benda-benda masa lalu. sekali lagi, dalam sebuah karya seni kontemporer lo gakbisa menilai sesuatu secara dangkal, lo harus mendeteksi ulang karya-karya tersebut. Cuma di kontemporer makna itu bisa tergamblang nyata, hanya lewat karyanya. Cuma di kontemporer karya itu bisa direspon secara berkebalikan oleh senimannya dan mengundang lo untuk menjadi detektif buat karya itu sendiri.

Lupa sih puny siapa, but they’re pretty good tough! terbuat dari besi dikasih warna, it must be sooooo long and hard and complicated techniques.



Berbicara pendekatan untuk mengupas hal-hal tersebut lo bisa pake ilmu semiotika tanda. mengungkap makna dibalik tanda. Kutipan dari buku-buku yang menulis hal itu bisa lo comot untuk nguatin kata-kata yang lo buat biar seakan ada fondasinya. Semiotik lo bisa pake untuk mengupas ‘karya’ dari senimannya. itu udah cukup membantuk lo ngomong yang berfondasi sehingga waktu orang memperdebatkan lo bisa kasih bukti kalo lo ngomong pake aturan semiotik, sehingga lo gak kejauhan bahas karya seni dengan mengkaitkan seniman. terkadang banyak kritikus yang bicara kebanyakan cuma ngejelasin latar belakang senimannya, pas di paragraf deskripsi karya. Lo bisa ngejelasin latar belakang seniman kalo lo itu: 1) bikin biografi seniman, dan 2) emang ngelakuin penelitian tentang proses kreatip syenimin.

Jadi, kesimpulan dari tulisan gue ini adalah:

lo akan bosen even you’re visit the exhibition and see a lots of art.

But I promise you, there always be a place call contemporary artwork which could bring you another universe, atmosphere, and post-pop things. when you try to see some of contemporary artwork you could deny that you’re wonder to get understand what artists try to explain by their artwork.

Akan selalu ada karya-karya kontemporer yang nggak ‘ngono-ngono’ aje beranikan dirimu membuka pemikiran baru terhadap hal-hal baru, kalo kebablasan? ya enak lah!


dare yourself!