What’s SO Wrong With Criticize?

Success Indicator Poster

Successfull and unsucessfull people-poster? every indicator was okay, but watchot the little one up there! . See the ‘criticize’ word above a stressfull guy sillhouttes on the right side. Put a criticize as a main reason why people not success? serously? I hope the maker is totally typo or somethn’.

Dont you know that critics is a long way healthier for you than the compliment which brings you a totally fake-fucked-up-happiness. Yea, something we should got rethink is that critics is not the same with blame. It’s different as hell and heaven. Cant you see it?.

This day, I just seen a poster about a chategorization between sucsessfull and unsuccessfull people. One of each type mention a ‘criticize’ is a one characterize of unsuccessfull people. Is it true? If it’s true, I dont care bout it. I write this, cause some poeple are just being rough that they cant divide a difference between critics and blaming.

Critics is a way that people gonna do to express anything in a honest-bravely things. Sometimes it builds more unrevealed things, better than just compliment people with this good and that good. All of us need critics. All of us need a judgement and reason why that judgement is sended to us. A right judgement and critics is not about good or bad, black and white, beauty and uglyness. That’s a big NO. Judge is about recovering a message beyond something or some act that people may do. As the same with critics it’s about showing people not to look about the bad or the good, but see deeper. Deeper in your own perspective why this happened and why some of things like that has been made.

Critics is a best things to say anything about a work without blaming. A good critiqs is belonging this step of criticize into 3 step such as: firstly, describe: it’s about write down what you see likely a report contain of forms, techniques, color, medium etc. The second is analyze: analyze is connected with those things you describe. It’s all about how does it looks like but not about bad or good. You have to tell about the effect that they brings to you. Hows the principal of that things or that act such as: is it tidyly continous, or is it balancial things of peacefullnes, heve a highly spiritual emotion, or it could bring you a sense of humor, a darkly horror, a silent anger?. What are you feeling about this work is actually a part of analyze. After it the last one is evaluate. It’s about connect it why they do it with a literary you may have, it could be social, economical, politics, art, you could put a philosophical perspective combine with yours.

Some people still stuck about this and dont want to get critics. They’re just accepted a compliment and like to complimented. They’re just like to lick each other than get a truth conversation. People who accepted a criticize is in order to go wilder than they’re set now. The fuck with compliment? Both of compliment people actually didnt have any idea about what they doing, I could say that they just dont want to get criticize cause they’re already put theirself in a peacefullness. So they choose the easy one: compliment. Make others stay in a  fake happiness.

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