Prepare to Celebrate an Independence Day of my Struggling Country: Indonesia.

Yass we’re free and independent. Our generation before passed the hard time to get the freedom. Eventhough we’re still struggling till this time baby, you can choose your own dreams freely unlike our generation before, so be wise to raise a lighter future ahead!. Dont make our heroes sit sad in heaven watching us being stupid and lazy.

jalan 3.jpg

“Rumahmu sudah pasang bendera belum?” said a red-and-white-uniform-girl to her neighbor. It means ‘have you put your flags on?’ this is a common question to remind each other to put their flags infront of their house in Indonesia to prepare an independence month, beside to give a respect and memorize our heroes. Welcome to August, a month when we and our past generation always remember as a month of freedom struggling.

jalan 5.jpg

Take a walk in the little street, get yourself in it.  Take it all in, every street in Indonesia is now put on their red and white flags infront of their house, office building. Everywhere. Those picture is a photo I took in the street of kampong, a place where a local people live.

jalan 2.jpg

When an independence day is coming, there always a lots of competition hold for everyone. I bet our kind of competition is so authentic and you’ll never imagine about that super fun, simple but comedious competition. I’ll write it after.

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