Havin Fun in a Black and White Street Photography

street 11

Sometimes when we take a walk in the random street we flood the photographical things we wont forget. As an amateur photographer, I always trying hard to be as authentic yet genetical aproximately accurate, and so include everything remotely aesthetical, catch  the forward momentum stalls under.

street 8

By following how to get an angle from the professional (I use a reference from national geographic and a website from erick kim photorgraphy) which their works could be seen in photography magazine, their website or maybe a kind of famous blog. Catch an artsy things is damn easy, just dont forget to bring your camera and proof urself that photograph is a way closer to easy.

street 4

street 1

street 6

Capture things in a black and white is always dramatic. And yeass I agree about what Erick Kim said that if you thought that photography is difficult maybe you should try fuck. yeah. street photography is so much easier to capture a natural lok, expression and you can find your own local model, free, artsy yet so dramatic.

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