Havin Fun in a Black and White Street Photography

street 11

Sometimes when we take a walk in the random street we flood the photographical things we wont forget. As an amateur photographer, I always trying hard to be as authentic yet genetical aproximately accurate, and so include everything remotely aesthetical, catch  the forward momentum stalls under.

street 8

By following how to get an angle from the professional (I use a reference from national geographic and a website from erick kim photorgraphy) which their works could be seen in photography magazine, their website or maybe a kind of famous blog. Catch an artsy things is damn easy, just dont forget to bring your camera and proof urself that photograph is a way closer to easy.

street 4

street 1

street 6

Capture things in a black and white is always dramatic. And yeass I agree about what Erick Kim said that if you thought that photography is difficult maybe you should try fuck. yeah. street photography is so much easier to capture a natural lok, expression and you can find your own local model, free, artsy yet so dramatic.

Now skinny people can be obese too! (Wait, what?) — Fit Is a Feminist Issue

Turns out you don’t actually need to be fat to be fat-shamed by your doctor. Maybe you knew that. (Christine wrote about BMI this week. See On doctors, BMI, and other bullshit.) But wait. It gets worse. Now it seems you can actually be skinny and obese, not just skinny fat but skinny-obese. Who knew? See Skinny […]

via Now skinny people can be obese too! (Wait, what?) — Fit Is a Feminist Issue

A Hundred Juxtaposition spot in the rooftop of Greenhost: Agenda Resto and Cafe at Yogyakarta, makes people have no argue to taking a photograph.

Yes, its a long tittle huh?.

greenhost 8

A lots of nice view I caught by my simple compact camera Nikon AW100 in Greenhost Boutique Hotel. This is an indoor place which is unique, authentic and classy but not high luxurious glam. It’s  a place in the middle of folksy brings full of good vibe come out breezy. A comfortable place to chill, write, drawing, or just you and a travel magazine you could read there.

greenhost 6


greenhost 9

greenhost 1.jpg

Some people come here to take a picture in a nice classy suit because there are lots of juxtaposition in this place. Once you went here you’ll always want to go here again and again.

greenhost 4

greenhost 13

greenhost 11

You could just hanging around to joy the nice sofa they put near to an accoustic stage they might be show at some kind of day, in the night, or chill out with your friends. Oh and maybe just sitting alone find your muse to write down your diary or continuing your novel, beside looking up that there are a couple doing a casual romantic dinner sat in front of your face, (for all single writer: just dont go here at night to see all people set in a couple, except you need an illustration or inspiring couple to write them down in your writingplace).

greenhost 10

Their menu is kind of ‘in the middle’ not cheap but not expensive too. You could order the thing you really want to order, just believe yourself what you really want dont order what you dont need. Luckily, in their book menu, they dont give you a photograph which absolutely sometimes makes you really hungry. just check their menu, it’s cheap if what you need is only a hot tea or ice tea, not with all those delicious premium foods. Nice tricky idea isnt it?.

greenhost 12

greenhost 3


greenhost 11

This place represent a nice and cool greeny concept you’ll gonna love. 70% ingredients of every menu they take the vegetables itself from their own hybrid garden, stayed next to the place. Every plant in that garden based on what kitchen needs. You could see the garden once you take a step out from the lift, cross the bridge to a hybrid greenhouse. the bridge is so minimal but yet juxtapos enough to take a photograph.

greenhost 5

The hybrid garden is so rejuvinating your eyes with those bloomy green from every vegetable they’re plant. It’s so green it makes you wanna eat them all right now. And yass you’ll never feel guilty to take a picture with them, all those greeny friends that never dissapoint you.


greenhost 17

greenhost 16

greenhost 15

Interest enough to go here while you travel to Yogyakarta? I bet You’ll like it!.

Prepare to Celebrate an Independence Day of my Struggling Country: Indonesia.

Yass we’re free and independent. Our generation before passed the hard time to get the freedom. Eventhough we’re still struggling till this time baby, you can choose your own dreams freely unlike our generation before, so be wise to raise a lighter future ahead!. Dont make our heroes sit sad in heaven watching us being stupid and lazy.

jalan 3.jpg

“Rumahmu sudah pasang bendera belum?” said a red-and-white-uniform-girl to her neighbor. It means ‘have you put your flags on?’ this is a common question to remind each other to put their flags infront of their house in Indonesia to prepare an independence month, beside to give a respect and memorize our heroes. Welcome to August, a month when we and our past generation always remember as a month of freedom struggling.

jalan 5.jpg

Take a walk in the little street, get yourself in it.  Take it all in, every street in Indonesia is now put on their red and white flags infront of their house, office building. Everywhere. Those picture is a photo I took in the street of kampong, a place where a local people live.

jalan 2.jpg

When an independence day is coming, there always a lots of competition hold for everyone. I bet our kind of competition is so authentic and you’ll never imagine about that super fun, simple but comedious competition. I’ll write it after.